How To Build Confidence & Win More Clients By Marketing Smarter On LinkedIn™

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LinkedIn™ may be the #1 platform for generating leads and promoting your business but where do you start?🤔

How do you stand out from all the noise on the platform? 🤔

To unlock LinkedIn's potential and generate conversations with the right people - aka people who know what you and who actively want to talk to you, it's essential that your . . .

✅ LinkedIn profile says the right thing to the right people and encourages them to connect

✅ Content has to resonate with your target audience

✅ Connections have to be people who are interested in what you do and say

By marketing smarter on LinkedIn, we can impress the right people, invite prospects and inspire clients to do more business with us.

So where and how do we start? 🤔

With a LinkedIn plan of action!

Why having a plan is so important

Whether it’s LinkedIn or any other marketing activity, having a plan is fundamental to know what to do and the key messages you need to get out there.

We need multiple touchpoints with our potential clients in order to get an initial meeting.

And of course, LinkedIn is one of those early touchpoints in your customer’s journey that can influence their decision about whether to work with you or not.

LinkedIn is often the start of people getting to know you and plays a major part in continuing to build that all important ‘know, like and trust’.

Which is why having a plan is vital to get that ‘touchpoint’ right.

Diving in and just putting anything out there in the hope you’re going to be seen and people are going to react to what you are talking about won’t work long term.

Who is your audience

Knowing who you are talking to is fundamental for success on LinkedIn

Talking to everyone is talking to no one! How to identify and articulate your target market

Knowing your audience aka who you want to get in front of is key to LinkedIn success because it underpins everything you do on LinkedIn from what you write on your profile, to whom you connect with, to what you post.

But it can be a challenge to clearly articulate who your audience is. You may feel that everyone could be in your target audience, but if you try to appeal to everyone, your messaging becomes too broad and generic to resonate with anyone and as a result there is a lack of engagement and response.

So how do you articulate who your ideal client is?

A great place to start is with the clients you currently work with. Who do you enjoy working with? Who loves the work you do and pays you on time? Think of your best 1 or 2 clients, the ones that you want more of.

Because you work with these clients you understand what they struggle with (their pains) and the benefits (gains) they get from working with you.

These pains and gains form part of your ‘client avatar’. Add to that any industry sectors or locations you work in.

You then have that person in mind when you write your profile and put together your content for LinkedIn.

Writing your LinkedIn™ profile based on your audience

With your ideal clients in mind, you can then start to think about your key messages and what you want to be famous for.

This in turn means you can then tailor your LinkedIn profile to speak directly to your audience.

Starting with your profile is key because your profile needs to get found by the right people.

Once found it needs to create curiosity, to get people to engage with you and interested in what you have to say so they take some form of action.

404 page

Not doing this is like sending people to a 404 error page on your website!

When it comes to what you post on LinkedIn then its all about speaking the language of your clients!

It’s not about just posting anything in the hope it will land, but instead creating content that will resonate, engage, educate and inspire. We want to be seen as the experts, stand out from the competition

When it comes to creating content for LinkedIn, it’s not about just posting anything and hoping it will land, it’s about creating content that will resonate, that will engage, educate and inspire. We’re looking to be seen as the expert, to stand out from the competition and be the tallest poppy in the field.

Combining what you want to be known for with who your target audience is gives you the basis of a content plan you can use not only on LinkedIn but anywhere online.

So with your ideal client in mind then, ask yourself . . .

❓what content are they looking for?

❓what questions are they looking for answers to?

❓what content would demonstrate your expertise and show that you can help your dream clients resolve their challenges?

Looking to ramp up your LinkedIn™ results with a plan of action to help you attract, convert and retain more of the right clients?

In order to market smarter on LinkedIn, you need a plan of action that covers what you write on your LinkedIn profile, the connections you make and the content you post, all based on knowing who you’re talking to, their pains and gains and the key messages you need to get out there.

It’s about giving you confidence.

The confidence that your profile is spot on, that you’re connecting to the right people and your content is making a difference and not just more blah and noise.

Impress people, Invite Prospects & Inspire Clients | Create Your LinkedIn™ Plan of Action for 2023

An in-person LinkedIn Masterclass in Leeds

Marianne & Judy Paid Event

If you'd like to dig deeper and create your plan of action for LinkedIn, then join myself and Marianne Smith from Doo Marketing in a half day, in person LinkedIn Masterclass where you will be getting two experts for the price of one!

Marianne will be sharing her customer journey marketing expertise and I (JUDY Parsons) will help you translate it into LinkedIn.

We will be covering . . .

✅ Clarity on who your target audience is – essential as you know for success on LinkedIn

✅ Use that information to set up your profile to impress your target audience

✅ A content strategy to give you confidence to know what to post

✅ How to connect and take conversations offline without the icky sales

✅ A LinkedIn plan for you to crack on with straight away

 You will go away with two things:

1. Increased confidence on LinkedIn

2. A plan of action in terms of where to start and what to do next

Fancy joining us?

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