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How Using A Simple Storytelling Formula Can Elevate Your LinkedIn Content & Get You Seen As The Best To Buy From!

When it comes to marketing your business, crafting a persuasive message that speaks directly to your ideal clients is what helps you to stand out from the crowd and build meaningful relationships with your target audience.

But with a limited amount of time and space to make an impression, how do you hook your dream clients in just one line without resorting to boring cheesy clichés that anyone can say and mean nothing to your potential clients!

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LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages . . . How To Use Them To Your Advantage!

Since like forever, I’ve been banging on about how important your LinkedIn profile is.

Not least because it’s your shop front on LinkedIn and people will quickly make a decision about you from how you present yourself and what you say.

But . . . more and more I’m banging on about LinkedIn Company Pages – AKA LinkedIn Pages as LinkedIn now calls them.


Because LinkedIn has been busy beefing up its company page offering, introducing new features and functionality to make them a much more i…

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Where the heck is that on LinkedIn?

“LinkedIn likes to hide stuff . . .!”

That’s exactly what a client said in a recent training session, when chatting through their LinkedIn challenges!

And let’s face it, it’s true!

Knowing your way around the platform can be tricky. LinkedIn likes to hide things AND move things – often without telling you!

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Do You Know The 7 Ways You Can Use Video On LinkedIn?

In my first ever LinkedIn LoveIn Live broadcast, I was talking all things video on LinkedIn with Amy Burnett from Visible Impact.

Amy and I identified six ways you can use video on LinkedIn, plus, a sneaky seventh way as well!

And what better way to demonstrate one of the ways of using video on LinkedIn than by doing a LinkedIn Live!

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Is there a point to LinkedIn?

I had an interesting conversation recently with a lady who had previously attended a LinkedIn training, about a company she had worked for who didn’t see the point of LinkedIn and didn’t believe they should invest any time in it.

You can imagine my reaction!! 😲

However, I know there will be people who love LinkedIn and some that don’t. And I also understand that you should question the things you invest time and resources into.

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