LinkedIn™ Strategy Training For Sales Teams

Practical in-house or online training to help your team use LinkedIn™ confidently for prospecting and building customer relationships

LinkedIn™ is THE business network.

It’s where millions of people, including your potential clients and customers, hang out. More often, it’s also their first port of call when checking out suppliers.

As a huge source of qualified leads, the potential is massive. The question is, does your LinkedIn presence portray you and your company in the right way?

Can your potential clients find you and when they do, are they attracted to you or are they repelled?

To win more business using LinkedIn, you need a clear LinkedIn strategy, one you and your team can follow on a daily basis.

My corporate LinkedIn training is a practical, workshop style training, fully customised to meet the needs of your business. It is available either in-house or online.

Training with Judy Parsons

In the training you’ll discover:

  • LinkedIn marketing strategies: where your target audience are on LinkedIn, and how to get in front of them
  • LinkedIn visibility: how to get found and get noticed
  • LinkedIn lead generation: tips and tricks that create the right opportunities
  • LinkedIn strategy: what you should be doing on LinkedIn, and why

The half day LinkedIn training covers how to raise your visibility and get noticed as an expert and how to use LinkedIn proactively to find people you want to meet and start the relationship.

How does the training work?

Before the training there is a short exploratory call. In this, we’ll talk about your objectives, your challenges and your audience. This allows me to tailor the LinkedIn training to you and your company.

The training is then broken down into individual sessions which can be delivered either as one full day, as two half day sessions on different days; or as individual sessions.

In the training we look at:

  • How to optimise individual profiles to attract your audience to you
  • How to raise your professional reputation and create consistent branding
  • Defining and researching your target audience, and finding decision makers
  • How to find and connect with your target audience
  • How to spot engagement opportunities
  • How to use LinkedIn for referrals
  • How to build visibility on LinkedIn – the how, what, where and when to post to drive engagement
  • Define objectives and measuring success

The training, which can be done either face to face or online, includes handouts and checklists, follow-up actions and recommendations, and 30 days’ post-session support.

Sales Navigator Training

Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s premium prospecting solution. It’s an advanced sales tool that offers a range of additional features not available on the main LinkedIn platform to help drive additional sales activity.

If you have Sales Navigator or are considering upgrading to Sales Navigator, then this can also be included as part of your training.

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What My Clients Say . . .


“A team of 6 took part in a one day training course aimed at improving our confidence when posting and increasing our connections with our key audiences. Prior to the session, Judy had assessed all of our profiles and researched our target audiences and provided valuable feedback. Within the session we worked with Judy to make improvements to our profiles, learnt how to target the right connections and best practice for connecting with them. One team member literally saw an instant result from her changes. As a result of this training, she now confidently posts informative posts which have resulted in key connections and CPD bookings.”


“Judy worked with two of our sales teams to help them understand and realise the power of LinkedIn. She grasped our (vague) brief well. By then making a real effort to understand our marketplace, she grasped the key selling points to help us effectively communicate what differentiates us from our competitors. This allowed Judy to quickly get ‘buy in’ from our sales people, which she followed up with practical and insightful advice throughout the sessions she delivered. This has had an instant impact on the individuals in our sales team and our business.”


“We recently engaged Judy to help us understand LinkedIn, its capabilities and what it offered us as a marketing tool. To say she transformed our approach would be an understatement. Her training was detailed, methodical, well researched and delivered with a great sense of humour.”