How to link your LinkedIn™ company page to your LinkedIn™ profile

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With LinkedIn™, there are things that should be simple and intuitive to do but frankly just aren’t!

For example, you’d think that linking your LinkedIn company page to your personal LinkedIn profile would be obvious and easy.

And of course, it is easy . . . ONCE you know how!!

But it’s not obvious and I get asked a lot how to do it.

So, continuing with my series on "Where the heck is that on Linkedin" because sometimes it's just not obvious where things are on LinkedIn . . .

Here’s how to link your LinkedIn™ company page with your personal LinkedIn™ profile

So why is it important to . . .

a. Have a company page?
b. Link it to your profile?

Firstly, a LinkedIn company page is another free website for your business that gets you found on Google and on LinkedIn. Free to host and free SEO so why not have one?

Then by linking your company page to your personal LinkedIn profile, it adds your branding to your profile. So instead of that grey box adjacent to your company name, there is instead your logo.

So even if you are solo business owner like myself, it’s definitely worth having a LinkedIn company page. Just make sure that your branding is consistent so that the header banner on both your personal profile and your company page are the same.

Let me know . . . what do you struggle to find or do on LinkedIn, and I’ll include in it the next "Where the heck is that on LinkedIn?" video.

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