Harnessing The Power of LinkedIn - 3 Ways To Sell on LinkedIn Without Really Trying!


LinkedIn has a reputation as the most powerful business-related social network. It is a huge opportunity for those clever enough to use it as a selling tool.

No one really wants to be sold to – although we all want to buy. And very few people get into business to sell. But without sales you have no business, so it’s a necessary evil.

As almost 60% of the buying cycle will be complete before you even know someone is looking to purchase, being front of mind is a constant job.

Here are my three top tips for using LinkedIn to your advantage when trying to grow your business.

  1. Short-cut the research phase

    If prospective customers recognise your business’s name and acknowledge your authority in your field, they can skip the initial research stage of the buying process -- moving directly from "recognition of a need" to "evaluation of alternatives," with your business at the top of that list.

    And when 76% of buyers prefer a supplier recommended by their network it’s critical you are the one they recommend. But how do you achieve that?

    Quite simply, focus your profile on your ideal client and what concerns them, regularly publish and share relevant articles to build your reputation as a thought-leader, take part in discussions in relevant groups so you are visible and don’t be too shy to ask for recommendations so your profile passes muster when people check you out.

  2. Help people

    74% of buyers choose the sales person that was FIRST to add value & insight
    (Corporate Visions)

    Being useful to others in your LinkedIn network – whether by recommending quality people, giving your professional advice or signposting to relevant content – gets you noticed as someone who is knowledgeable, connected and trustworthy. It’s a critical part of the online Know-Like-Trust cycle which makes sales easier.

  3. Create content that works

    Harness the search engine power of LinkedIn by creating and posting great content that your audience wants to read (that’s the most critical bit).

    Take time to understand your key audience, what they’re worried about, where their pain points are, and then write about your solutions. This will draw buyers to you that you never knew were looking.

    92% of B2B buyers start their search online (according to Salesforce) so it’s a fair assumption that LinkedIn is a pretty major feature of that process. And creating great-quality, shareable content gets you more exposure and establishes your credibility, shortening the effort you need to make to prove it. (Some estimates cite two-thirds of a first meeting is spent on establishing credibility.)

If your LinkedIn profile isn’t working hard for you or you’re not sure where to start with using LinkedIn for sales, email judy@judithparsons.com or connect with me on LinkedIn to chat about how I can help.

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