What one thing should I change on my LinkedIn™ Profile to improve it?


This was a great question I had recently, and it made me stop and think.

What would be ‘the one thing’ that would make the biggest difference to your LinkedIn™ profile and your LinkedIn results overall?

When I am training people on writing their LinkedIn profile, I always start with the Header section of a profile because that is the first thing that people see when they visit your profile.

The Header section includes your header banner, your profile photo and name, your headline and the first part of the About section. Plus, I would include the Featured section here as well. (Read my recent post here about the Featured section)

And this section really has to grab attention and engage people to keep them on your profile and reading more.

BUT . . . people first need to find your profile AND be curious enough to click through to take a look.

AKA, you need profile visitors and more importantly you need the right profile visitors.

So, coming back to answer the question the ‘one thing’ I would focus on is to improve your profile is . . . (🥁 drum roll) YOU! And specifically, how YOU show up on LinkedIn.

By this I mean:

💎 Your Name: ideally just your name should be in this field.

💎 Your Photo: a good photo of just you, smiling, looking approachable, that you have set to public so everyone can see it.

💎 Your Headline: this is your elevator pitch, not your job title and company name. It’s your opportunity to tell people what you do, how you help and include your top keywords to maximize LinkedIn SEO.

Why are these fields so important?

Because they go everywhere with you on LinkedIn. They are the most visible part of your profile outside of your profile:

✔️ It’s what people see if they find your profile through a LinkedIn people search

✔️ It’s what people see when you invite them to connect (from the My Network tab)

✔️ It’s what people see when you post and comment

All of which encourages people to click through to your profile over and above anyone else’s.

If you can’t face the idea of sorting out your LinkedIn profile yourself, or are interested in making LinkedIn work as a lead generator for your business, email judy@judithparsons.com or connect with me on LinkedIn to chat about how I can help.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

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